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Episode 1: The Battle for Our Attention with Andrew Murray Dunn

Episode 1: The Battle for Our Attention with Andrew Murray Dunn

My first guest, Andrew Murray Dunn, is a warrior fighting for us in the ongoing battle for our attention. In this first episode, we turn to the unhealthy relationship many of us have with social media.

Social media addiction is one of the most important issues of our time, because many of us suffer from it, it has many second and third order consequences (ie: depression, political , and it highlights the importance of our relationship to technology.

Andrew has a clear awareness of this trend. He’s been working in the “humane tech” industry for the last four years, long before it even had this name and years before the surge in negative press about darling technology companies. Andrew has built a new operating system for our phones called Siempo.

Siempo will help you take back control of your own attention and break bad habits. I think we need this help. Without it we have to cultivate super human powers (as Naval Ravikant recently said) to resist teams of thousands of engineering geniuses at Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google, whose sole purpose is to keep us coming back for more. Think of Siempo as a friend in your pocket – it keeps you honest and makes sure that you’re building healthy habits.

In this episode we discuss Andrew’s personal journey, social media addiction in general, the challenges of building a new category in tech, digital wellness, and much more.

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Episode 2: Destroying Taboos with Miki Agrawal

Episode 2: Destroying Taboos with Miki Agrawal